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One of a kind Mobile Shooting Gallery One of a kind Mobile Shooting Gallery

Our one-of-a-kind mobile shooting gallery is for sale! Current owners’ other business interests require too much time to allow us to operate this remarkable shooting gallery, so it is available now! • Take to events around the country! • Use as a permanent, ready-made gallery without having to invest in a permanent structure! • Use as a promotional tool at events! Features: • State-of-the-art technology (built in 2016) • 8 gun stations (4 pistols and 4 rifles) • Two wireless pistols for attendant use • 2 credit card stations • 1 game for $3, two for $5, and 5 games for $10 • 600-bill cash holders on each station • Redemption ticket dispensers on each station • 38 targets • Quick-shot challenge mode • Two animatronic, talking gunslingers • Water squirting snake • Incredible authentic Western saloon interior • Onboard generator + shore power hookups • Easy-to-change branding elements Gallery specifications: • 24-ft. trailer: 30 ft. OA length and 12 ft. OA width when fully set up • 13’3” tall when folded for transport • 14’6” tall when fully opened • 11,000 lb actual weight with 1,200 lb tongue weight • Tows with a 3/4 ton pickup • Chevy 2500HD Diesel + Trailer = 19,000 lbs. (on commercial scales) which puts it below the 26,001-lb. commercial driver’s license threshold (check your state for DOT and licensing requirements. DOT number required for commercial use. Gallery is self-contained: • Onboard Honda EU7000is generator. • “Shore power” 220V @ 40amp hookup for full-time power if available • Quiet, onboard compressor • Exterior work lights • Interior show lights • Full onboard alarm system • Powered tongue jack • 4,500-lb. electric winch to open/close the gun stations • Folding ladder for roof access

United States $125,000.00 USD    
World's Tallest Pinball!! World's Tallest Pinball!!

World's Tallest Pinball Machine is a great business opportunity. It is an exciting attraction that is very versitile and can be used at fairs, festivals, schools, churches, etc. It is a great additon to any business or the start up for a weekend warrior. There mere size of it...standing 24 feet tall....will make you the hit at the event. There are only 6 in the entire USA so the newness of the attraction makes it easily accepted into any type of events. The object of the game is for the ball to come all the way to the bottom. The attraction stands 24ft tall and looks great!! the participant pushes a button. the ball goes up a conveyor belt to the top. If it comes all the way to the bottom the largest prize is won. If it falls in a hole along the way, a smaller prize is won, but we give a prize away to every player. Our slogan is " Everybody is a Winner!" call Pam for more info 770-328-7770

United States $220,000.00 USD  


none $17.00 USD    
Carnival Booth Sides Carnival Booth Sides

Turn your 10’x10’ EZ-Up or pop-up style canopy into a complete concession or carnival booth with a set of our 3 custom wood side panels w/ canopy pole anchors. Perfect for catering, concessions, carnival booths, street fairs or trade show booths. These custom wood side panels are made of high quality wood that is much sturdier than the rail and skirt kit you can buy from ez-up. $1000 includes 6-10’ wood sides and 8 pole anchors to easily turn 2-10'x10' canopies into complete three-sided enclosed booths in 5 minutes or less. Call or Text 951 545-2296

United States $1,000.00 USD    
TimeFreak -A Thrilling Race Against Time TimeFreak -A Thrilling Race Against Time

TimeFreak is an exciting attraction that challenges players to frantically race against the clock ! Players score points as they race around the control room, pushing buttons as fast as possible.The more buttons you push the higher your score. Players pay up to five dollars each for a chance to beat their competitors, up to four people can play at one time. One game only takes about a minute. You do the math, this can blow the socks off of any other game! A computer program keeps track of which buttons red or green were hit the most. A printer produces a winning ticket with the amount of buttons scored.The game is located in Lake Wales Florida. Asking $69,000.00 Please call or email for more information.

United States $69,000.00 USD  

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Norway $0.00 USD  
Archery Archery

Safe Archery-Extremely Fun and Addicting. We charged $3 per game, very profitable. Less than 1 year old. Call 262-327-3884 to inquire, ask for Karen.

United States $1,800.00 USD    
Portable Electronic Shooting Gallery

Built in 2015. Located in northeast Texas. Themed after an old west saloon. Call for details, email for photos. Serious only.

United States $12,500.00 USD  
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Canada $0.00 USD    

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South Africa $0.00 USD    
Shooting Gallery Shooting Gallery

2015 MODEL , 24" Shooting Gallery , Built by Shootinggalleries.com (Daniel) All animatronic , infrared system , very easy to operate , 8 guns , 20 Animations , Absolutly beautiful trailer , gets all the attention . I had it built so that it would be simple to change out the animations or make a different theme . 1 year old and total cost was $36,000 , unfortunately I need to sell due to my health , I'm asking $22,500 and I will have it delivered 500 miles in any direction from Atlanta , call or email for more information . Mike 770-301-4518 lawson30116@bellsouth.net

United States $22,500.00 USD  

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