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Games - Video & Redemption Games

Games – Video & Redemption Games Call for list of titles and pricing.

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Used Redemtion games Used Redemtion games

Please Contact for further information and more pictures Line it up x2 - Feeding frenzie - Big Hall - X(mark) the ball - Metal master - Ride-a-pony - Pokémon catch - Twister - Space invader - Dinoscore - Fun pops - Hammer - Smack-an-alien - Carnival king - Going fishin’ - Fearless Pinocchio - Jackpot dozer - Jackpot crossing - Candy shop - Slam Jam - Miners revenge - Tic-Tac-Toe - Key catcher - Treasure falls - Spin doctor - Rockin’ bowl - Movie reels - Western Train - Caveman Clobber - Hot shot - Spider stomper

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use and new pinball machines for sale

Superb Collector Quality with many new parts & upgrades. Cabinet Decals, Clearcoated playfield, new Topper, “Gold” (brass-plated) upgrade, plus lots more. Yep, this one got the Extreme Makeover, and after you look at the photos, we think you’ll agree that it’s one of the nicest Indiana Jones Pinball Machines you’ll ever see! The game was tested – functions perfectly with no errors. We have other brands such as Adams family, spiderman, turtle ninja, richierich, star wars, jurasic park, disco forever, monopoly etc. 30-day warranty on all electronic boards. Call or text on (580)825-4849

United States $2,000.00 USD  
Highway 66 mini bowling lanes Highway 66 mini bowling lanes

2 lane machine for sale in great working condition.

United States $8,000.00 USD  
Indiana Jones Indiana Jones

Stern 2008 Very good working condition

United States $5,895.00 USD    
Indiana Jones Indiana Jones

Great working condition. Fun addition to your game room.

United States $5,895.00 USD    
Zaccaria Queens Castle PInball c1978 For Parts or Repair Needs Work Zaccaria Queens Castle PInball c1978 For Parts or Repair Needs Work

Zaccaria Queens Castle Vintage Pinball Machine For Parts or Repair Not Working. This machine was manufactured in 1978 by Zaccaria Italy. The playfield main glass and cabinet appear to be in good order. The lights come on when it is plugged in the wall. The legs, and coin mechanism are missing. The main mechanism under the playfield appears to be intact. The backglass box and internals are missing, although we have the backglass. It will need some new rubbers and there are a couple of damaged areas on the play field as shown in the pictures.

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Ms Pac-Man / Galaga Arcade Classics Cocktail Game Ms Pac-Man / Galaga Arcade Classics Cocktail Game

For over 30 years Arcade Classics has specialized in Arcade Cocktail Tables. FREE SHIPPING LOWER 48 STATES. Industries best 5 YEAR COMPREHENSIVE WARRANTY. Our units come with New 21” AUTHENTIC 15kz Arcade Monitor for exact reproduction of graphics. Everyone else is selling 17 or 19” computer or LCD monitors. PERSONALIZE with Licensed Artwork. Most Popular Classic Game Packages available! Do you remember those hours you spent in the local game room playing many of the great classic games of the '80s, including Pac Man ®, Ms Pac Man ®, Galaga ®, Space Invaders®, Dig Dug ®, Donkey Kong ®, Centipede ®, Frogger ® among others? Do you recall how time stood still, and you forgot everything else around you? Join thousands of our satisfied customers which have rediscovered those tension free days of youth. You’ll find that every time you sit down and play one of your favorite classic arcade games… it won’t take long until the stress of life just melts away. The following POPULAR GAME PACKAGES are Pre-Loaded: Galaga®, Ms Pac-Man®, Dig Dug®, Pac Man®, Rally X® Donkey Kong®, Donkey Kong Jr® Centipede®, Millipede® Xevious®, Mappy®… many others available. The Arcade Classics Gaming Table is “plug & play” compatible with most of the popular game circuit boards of the '80s using the universal JAMMA connector. If your favorite classic game is not included, please let us know. Features of Arcade Classics Gaming Table ™ Two Player Head-to-Head Action with flip screen technology. Modern State Of The Art Electronics plays just like the original cocktail arcade games of the 1980s providing AUTHENTIC sound, graphics and action transporting you back in time, just like you remembered it in your local arcade. Protected with Highest Quality Tempered Glass Top which can be PERSONALIZED with 3 choices of Screen Printed Graphics. New 21” AUTHENTIC 15kz Arcade Monitor for exact reproduction of graphics. Almost all cocktail gaming tables sold today come with 17 or 19” Computer Monitors or LCD screens that simply cannot reproduce the game graphics the way you remember it. Commerical Four-Way Arcade Quality Joysticks and Buttons. Expanded Control Panel for Left-Handed play. Free Play or Accepts Coins utilizing a commercial grade coin mechanism. COMPREHENSIVE 5 YEAR WARRANTY is the best in the business. Similar units only offer a 90 day or 1 year warranty. The Arcade Classics Gaming Table is designed to run 24/7 for decades. FREE SHIPPING lower 48. Visit us at www.arcadeclassics.net or Call 212-361-9103 Mon-Sat 9am-10pm for weekly specials!

United States $1,999.00 USD
Upright Arcade Machine

Arcade Classics Vertical Upright Arcade Machine™ Experience a blast from the past with our Vertical Upright Arcade Machine™. Your favorite classic arcade games are now readily available for play! Modern state of the art electronics play just like the original arcade games of the ’80s. Our upright arcade machine provides AUTHENTIC sound, graphics and action transporting you back in time, just like you remember it from your local arcade. This is one of our most popular uprights since it has the ability to play all your favorite arcade games on one classic arcade machine. Our Arcade Classics Vertical Upright Arcade Machine™ normally runs for $2,999 but they are on sale this week for only $2499, and comes decorated with impressive arcade artwork. Optional Trackball is available for only $100. We offer a Five Year Warranty as well as *FREE Shipping to most areas! For over 30 years, Arcade Classics has been a leader in the industry, due to our world class arcade machines, impeccable customer service, and experienced staff. POPULAR LICENSED GAME PACKAGES: NAMCO 20 Year Reunion with Ms. Pac-Man®, Galaga®, Pac-Man® Team Play 2005 re-release of Donkey Kong®, Donkey Kong Jr.® Team Play board with Centipede®, Millipede® 25th Silver Anniversary board featuring Space Invaders®, Qix® NAMCO Classic Game Collection 1 with Galaga®, Xevious®, Mappy® NAMCO Classic Game Collection 2 with Dig Dug®, Pac-Man®, Rally-X® Most Licensed Game Packages are available. If your favorite arcade game is not included in the list above or below, please call 800-511-9895 or email us for a complete list. Please reference the exact arcade machine you are interested in. Other popular arcade games available are: 1942® 1943® 1943 KAI® Amidar® Arkanoid® Bagman® Bomb Jack® BurgerTime® Carnival® Centipede® Congo Bongo® Crash® Crush Roller® Crystal Castles® Dig Dug® Dig Dug II® Donkey Kong® Donkey Kong 3® Donkey Kong Jr.® Frogger® Galaga® Galaga 3® Galaxian® Golf® Gorf® Gridlee® Gun Smoke® Gyruss® Hustler® Jr. Pac-Man® Jumping Jack® Juno First® King and Balloon® Lady Bug® Liberator® Mappy® Mario Bros.® Millipede® Missile Command® Moon Cresta® Moon Patrol® Mr. Do!® Mr. Do!’s Castle® Ms. Pac-Man® New Rally-X® Pac & Pal® Pac-Man® Pac-Man Plus® Pengo® Phoenix® Pinball® Pinball Action® Pleiads® Pooyan® Qix® Scramble® Shao-Lin’s Road® Sinistar® Soccer® Space Invaders® Space Invaders Deluxe® Space Panic® Star Luster® Super Bagman® Super Breakout® Super Cobra® Super Mario Bros.® Super Pac-Man® Super Xevious® Super Zaxxon® Tank Battalion® Tetris® The End® Time Pilot® Van-Van Car® Video Hustler® Zaxxon® Arcade Classics Commercial Quality Arcade Machines are designed to run 24/7… for decades on end. The Furniture Grade Cabinet adds a delightful ambience to any setting. Others use lower quality materials for their cabinets. Conversely, many of our clients place our Upright Arcade Machines in a high profile location in their home or business due to the quality and look of our cabinets. Inside the cabinet, everything is clean, neat, and easily accessible. 21” Military Grade Full View LCD Monitor: Everyone else is selling an 19″, limited life, LCD computer monitor. Our brand new 21″ monitor is a “Full View LCD”, which is much more expensive since it allows for clear viewing at all angles. The problem with LCD computer monitors, besides their limited life, is that they only give you a clear view when looking straight on at the monitor. Images become distorted when viewing the monitor at an angle… the result is similar to viewing a laptop on an angle. If you want the very best in arcade game play, where others can watch you play clearly and at all angles, you require a Full View LCD Monitor. Our 21″ Military Grade Full View LCD Monitor is backed up with an unprecedented 5 year comprehensive warranty. Arcade Quality Joystick & Buttons with Optional Trackball: Our upright incorporates a commercial quality joystick and buttons. For an extra $100 we can also add a 3″ commercial trackball. The trackball is used in games like Centipede®, Millipede®, Arkanoid® & Super Breakout® and will give you that authentic “feel”… solid, smooth, controlled game movement just like you remember it. Optional Trackball Control PanelOptional Trackball Control Panel Lighted Marquee: The top of our Vertical Upright Arcade Machine™ includes a lighted marquee. Most uprights sold today do not offer this feature. Optional Custom Marquee: Personalization options include a Family or Business name / Your favorite arcade characters / Decorate with officially licensed artwork of your favorite sports team / Your own unique custom design. Allows for Free Play or Accepts Coins. Equipped with a dual commercial grade – sophisticated electronic coin mechanism to easily handle the demands of any commercial location. In a home setting, you’ll still receive the same commercial coin-op. This is unlike what you’d receive from our competitors, who only affix a “sticker” to make it look like a coin-op. A commercial grade coin-op adds tremendous value to your upright arcade machine, whether you use it or not. Protected with the Highest Quality Tempered Glass Monitor Top: The clarity of game play combined with the look and feel of thick tempered glass is far superior over competitors that use plexiglass tops. Locking Wheels: Our Vertical Upright Arcade Machine™ includes wheels for easy placement. Once set in place simply engage the locking wheel mechanism. Warranty 5 Years Comprehensive 5 Year Comprehensive Warranty: Everyone else only has 90 days or 1 year warranty. Our 5 year warranty is the industry’s best. *FREE SHIPPING (except for Alaska, Hawaii, Canada & International order which has a small shipping fee). Satisfaction Guaranteed Unconditional Money Back Guarantee Expanded Customer Service Hours: 9am – 10pm Call for world class service: 1-800-511-9895 For over 30 years, Arcade Classics™ has continued to offer the industry’s very best Upright Arcade Machines™. For people looking to set up the ultimate gamer’s paradise for their home or business the Arcade Classics Upright Arcade Machine™ is the numberone choice.

United States $2,499.00 USD
Cogan Coin-Op Rides Cogan Coin-Op Rides

Coin-Op Rides manufactured by Cogan NEW ! Call or email for pricing on these and additional products !

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Coin Operated Pool Table Coin Operated Pool Table

Amusement Supply Co is happy to list This used coin operated pool table . This unit is in great condition. For more information on this unit contact Geoff Schutz @ 502-228-4595 or geoff@gtzulu.com For more information on this unit contact Geoff Schutz @ 502-228-4595 or email geoff getzulu.com To see more extreme attractions such as Rockwall, Zip Lines, Used FEC Equipment, Hippo Water Slides, PopNoggins, Stunt Jumps, Zero Shock Items, Trackless Trains, Inflatable Movie Screens, Bumper Cars, Spider Climbs, Euro Bungy, Bungee Trampolines, Blowers, Dunk Tanks, Soft Play Playgrounds, Photo Booths, Mechanical Bulls and Inflatable Games, check out www.getzulu.com

United States $999.00 USD
Hello Kitty Hello Kitty

Brand New Hello Kitty Happy Car!! Manufacturer : Cogan Kiddie Rides Italy ( licensed producter of Hello Kitty coin operated kiddIe ride) Year: 2010 Dimensions: Height 3ft 11.24 in Width 2ft 4.74in Length 4ft 5.14in Weight 176lbs 5.91 oz Price as Delivered: $7,311 USD

United States $7,311.00 USD    

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