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used amusement rides and carnival rides for sale

New and used funfair carnival and amusement park rides for sale.

buy or sell any type of used fairground ride with a free ad and zero commission.

fairground rides for sale including fun slides, carousels, fun houses, ferris wheels, flat rides, waltzers, sizzlers, bumper cars and more! If you are looking for any type of ride you will find it here

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country Price Store

New kiddy jet rides for sale. trailer mounted and park models made to order. for price and details please email rpattractions@hotmail.com

united kingdom $0.00 USD
speedy gonzales coaster speedy gonzales coaster

DAL Big apple roller coaster 92ft-43ft Disco smash music, LED lights, Photo booth, 40KVA generator, One semi trailer for photo booth and generator. With or with out 4x2 Scania with hiabcrane.

united kingdom GBP0.00 GBP

Mack music express for sale. email for details rpattractions@hotmail.com

united kingdom Euro's90,000.00 Euro's

Classifieds in New & Used Ride's



country Price Store
Reverse Free Fall Shuttle Coaster Reverse Free Fall Shuttle Coaster

2004 shuttle coaster. 26 feet high with 60 degree initial drop, 20 ft straight run to 90 degree reverse free fall. One horsepower winch will lift a 260 lb. person. Breaks down into 10 foot long track sections. Has all of the features of a large coaster. Will cycle approximately 30 persons per hour. Built in 2004 by professional welder/fabricator. Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDj13LkzydQ

United States $9,000.00 USD    
4 Bumper Cars with Arena 4 Bumper Cars with Arena

We have 4 battery powered bumper cars and an inflatable arena for sale. The cars are painted to glow under blacklight, but also look fine in regular lighting. Unlike most bumper cars, these can drive on any surface (no need for an electric floor or ceiling). This is a great mobile business as the bumper car arena is inflatable and everything can travel by trailer. Arena is 25' x 30'. Included in price: 4 Bumper Cars with batteries 2 Remote starters 1 25x30 inflatable arena w/blower 1 Battery charger (charges 8 batteries) Local pick up only. We may be able to assist you in arranging shipping.

United States $10,500.00 USD  
WANTED - Trailer Mount Rockin Tug WANTED - Trailer Mount Rockin Tug

We are looking for a trailer mount Zamperla Rockin Tug. If you have this or other rides for sale, please email us.

United States $0.00 USD
WANTED - Raiders WANTED - Raiders

We are looking for a Wisdom Raiders. If you have this or other rides for sale, please email us.

United States $0.00 USD
Doron SR-2 Simulator MS1315/MS1316 Doron SR-2 Simulator MS1315/MS1316

1992 Doron SR-2 Simulator 2 Simulators available ! Complete restoration completed in March. Currently set-up as Navy Flight Demonstration ride. Programming can be changed easily. Comes with trailer and generator. New seats, A/C, seat belts and refinished flooring. $55,000 each

United States $55,000.00 USD
Bertazzon Bumper Cars BC1308 Bertazzon Bumper Cars BC1308

Bertazzon Bumper Cars, 8 cars, electric floor 40'x26'

United States $45,000.00 USD
Himalaya MJ1438 Himalaya MJ1438

Himalaya, Wisdom, Park Model. 32 seats (16 cars, 2 each)

United States $45,000.00 USD
Go Gator RC1307 Go Gator RC1307

1983 Wisdom Go Gator, TM

United States $40,000.00 USD
Scrambler MJ1321 Scrambler MJ1321

Eli Scrambler, 1956, ground mount. 40' Great Dane enclosed trailer, aluminum fencing included

United States $30,000.00 USD
Mardi Gras Mirror Maze DH1248 Mardi Gras Mirror Maze DH1248

Mardi Gras Mirror Maze, Owen Trailers, 2000, TM OFF THE MARKET

United States $120,000.00 USD
activity trailer activity trailer

16ft double deck play trailer all cover in with front opening up

Ireland Euro's4,500.00 Euro's  
Trucks - Train Trucks - Train

Czech republic LED bulbs Perfect condition mail : imsoop23@seznam.cz

Czech Republic $12,000.00 USD  
Twister Twister

contact imsoop23@seznam.cz

Czech Republic $25,000.00 USD  
Trucks - Train Trucks - Train

Trucks LED bulbs One trailer Czech republic

Czech Republic Euro's12,000.00 Euro's  
Twister Twister

Twister Czech republic Good condition one trailer

Czech Republic Euro's25,000.00 Euro's  
Little Swings KD1291 Little Swings KD1291

1996 TM REDUCED TO $30,000 !

United States $34,500.00 USD
Looking For Trailer Mounted Rides! Looking For Trailer Mounted Rides!

We have customers looking for trailer mounted children's, major and spectacular rides! We are looking for Helicopter or Planes, Mini Jets, Rockin' Tug, Pirate Ship, Wisdom Raiders and more. If you have rides for sale - please email us with details and pictures!

United States $0.00 USD
Old Western Train KD1292 Old Western Train KD1292

SBF REDUCED - $16,000 !!

United States $19,000.00 USD
Barrels of Fun KD1332 Barrels of Fun KD1332

Barrels of Fun, Park Model Pictures available on request - could not upload to site REDUCED TO $15,000.00 US

United States $18,000.00 USD
circus circus

prodam circus

Czech Republic Euro's110,000.00 Euro's  

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country Bids Price Time Left Store
ZAMPERLA Drop Tower 37m. ZAMPERLA Drop Tower 37m.

DROP TOWER 37m.- 12seats, 33m. real stroke product of ZAMPERLA: 03.2008, totally RENEWED and safety requirements 11.2013, never used , capacity: 300 people per hour , (price as a new more 550.000 EURO) !FULL LED LIGHTS ! FIRST CLASS TECHNOLOGY! PRICE: 245,000 EURO

Bulgaria - Euro's0.01 Euro's 13 w, 6 d    
Round Up Round Up

Verkaufen Sie attraktive Fahrgeschäfte für Kinder, Jugendliche und ältere Menschen konzipiert. Kapazität 36 Personen. Carousel auf einem Anhänger aufgebaut ist, ist die Bauzeit ca. 4,5 Stunden. Die Maschine ist in sehr gutem Zustand. Weitere Informationen: lunapark_pl@yahoo.pl

Poland - Euro's35,500.00 Euro's 13 w, 6 d    

new york taxi schwartzkopf rides GmbH re-build in 2007 constructionbook T.U.V munchen 2 or 3 semi trailers 1 centre trailer 1 or 2 trailers for load 20x 16 meters with special paybox asking price 140.000 euro call.. 0031(0)683844444

netherlands 1 Euro's142.00 Euro's 4 w, 0 d    
old italian ride old italian ride

this is an old Italian ride build around 1850 in the town of Mondovi. It had 14 subject all in wood with two gondola. It had also 12 paintings and a decoration with cloth with some decoration in glass sea beads. The amusements has the subjects around the Italian Risorgimento as you can see from the wood subject you can see the figure of Italy ( the queen with the crown made as of the towers, then the carnival mask of Gianuia. From the picture you can see Italy that is asking the king Vittorio to be free from Austrians and Burbons. The amusement was build around 1850 and had been working at it's beginning in the king's garden and by this it had taken the name " la giostra du re" the means the king's amusement. Its' all in wood as maybe at the beginning it was pulled by donkey and at the beginning of 1900 it was modify making it moving with a motor pulley. It had a diameter of 9 mt and all the subject are hanged up and the look as a gondola where people sit one in the top near the subject and the other on the tail of it

Italy - Euro's80.00 Euro's 6 w, 0 d    
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