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used amusement rides and carnival rides for sale

New and used funfair carnival and amusement park rides for sale.

buy or sell any type of used fairground ride with a free ad and zero commission.

fairground rides for sale including fun slides, carousels, fun houses, ferris wheels, flat rides, waltzers, sizzlers, bumper cars and more! If you are looking for any type of ride you will find it here

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8 Soli F1 Sport cars with floor pickup track 8 Soli F1 Sport cars with floor pickup track

Floor pickup bumper car track for indoor or undercover use with 8 F1 Sport cars. Cars have recently been fully repainted in original colour scheme and all parts replaced making these practically as new. The track dimensions are 11.6m x 6.4m to the outside of the step. Ride comes complete with rectifier and some spare parts, ready to operate.

united kingdom GBP37,000.00 GBP    

NEW MINI SWING KIDS RIDE This ride is available in different themes Trailer mounted and park models available mini swing Pirate mini swing pegasus mini swing safari mini swing space ship mini swing crazy dragon For details and info please email rpattractions@hotmail.com

united kingdom $0.00 USD

New kids rides made to order trailer mounted and park models available. for price and details email rpattractions@hotmail.com

united kingdom $0.00 USD

Classifieds in New & Used Ride's



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Mack music express for sale. good price email for details rpattractions@hotmail.com

united kingdom $0.00 USD
Century Wheel WH1252 Century Wheel WH1252

Chance Century Wheel, 15 gondolas, good mechanical, needs paint PARK MODEL

United States $300,000.00 USD
Dragon Coaster RC1324 Dragon Coaster RC1324

Dragon Coaster, Zamperla

United States $155,000.00 USD
Silver Streak MJ1362 Silver Streak MJ1362

Silver Streak, Wisdom, TM 1 Trailer Built-In Sound System

United States $138,000.00 USD
Drop N Twist Tower, 8 Mt. MJ1404 Drop N Twist Tower, 8 Mt. MJ1404

Drop N Twist Tower, SBF, 2010, Park Model 12 seats, revolves and drops

United States $175,000.00 USD
Sizzler, Deluxe MJ1339 Sizzler, Deluxe MJ1339

Sizzler, Deluxe, 1992, Wisdom, trailer mounted

United States $110,000.00 USD
RDC Bumper Cars BC1300 RDC Bumper Cars BC1300

RDC Bumper Cars, 32' x 24' floor, controls and spare parts

United States $25,000.00 USD
Dodgem Dodgem

Dodgem for sale!

Hungary $0.00 USD  
EXTREME 20 seats EXTREME 20 seats

Our priorities are: quality, safety and best service. All our products meet the requirements of EU norms and if needed might be certified with TUV SUD licence, valid in all EU countries. The brand new product. Trailer mounted. 20 seats. Quick assembly 4h(2persons). Cashbox. Led lighting. Contact us for more information.

Poland $0.00 USD  

vends ,ranger huss, modèle transportable .prix: 60 000€ ,pour plus de renseignements ou de photos n'hésitez pas a me contacter.

France Euro's60,000.00 Euro's  

It has been used only once. This is a nice unit. Inflatable has no holes. The inflatable is 1 mm pvc. Heavy duty - Commercial Grade. Everything is like new. Beautiful attraction for county fairs, events, and festivals. Includes: -33ft diameter inflatable pool with inflatable tent 14ft tall. - 6 Paddle Boats. - High output air pump for sealed inflatables. (It takes about 5 minutes to inflate/deflate the pool and tent) - Repair patches and storage bags. FREE SHIPPING within USA. Please allow up to 12 business days for freight to arrive at your location. International buyers, please ask for a shipping quote before buying.

United States $6,899.00 USD    
Tumbleweed Ride w/Fence Tumbleweed Ride w/Fence

This is a manually ran ride, it needs no electricity to run, it has new paint, lap seat belts, it seats 2 people, it does have a break to keep the wheel still when people are entering and exiting the ride. The ride is all caged in and it comes with 6 pieces of aluminum fence.

United States $3,200.00 USD    
Looking For Rides Looking For Rides

We have buyers actively looking for trailer mounted rides: Pharaoh's Fury, trailer mount Cliffhanger, trailer mount Zipper, late model, trailer mount KMG Afterburners or any KMG ride Wheels - Eli, Century, Gondola Towers Coasters - Park Model and Trailer-Mounted Kid Rides

United States $0.00 USD
Snow Convoy KD1375 Snow Convoy KD1375

Snow Convoy, Sartori, Trailer Mounted, '90s model

United States $65,000.00 USD
WANTED - Trailer Mounted Spectaculars WANTED - Trailer Mounted Spectaculars

We are looking for trailer-mounted spectaculars and major rides. If you are ready to sell - please email us !

United States $0.00 USD
Tilt A Whirl MJ1390 Tilt A Whirl MJ1390

Tilt A Whirl, Sellner, Electric 7

United States $125,000.00 USD
Mini Jet KD1399 Mini Jet KD1399

Zamperla Mini Jet, 1987, trailer-mounted, 12 arms, 10x12 mt, completely renovated in 2000

United States Euro's48,000.00 Euro's
Mini Ferris Wheel KD1327 Mini Ferris Wheel KD1327

Mini Ferris Wheel, Zamperla, 1997, PM 8'10" w x 8'11" d x 16'5" h 6 cars, 32 children capacity; 640 pph 5.4 kw total power; 1 kw lights, 4.4 kw electric drive

United States $15,000.00 USD
Spinning Mouse Coaster

Mnaufacturer: Fabbri Model: TM Condition: Very Good Price: Call!

United States $0.00 USD
Swing Ride KD1328 Swing Ride KD1328

Kiddie Swing Ride, Zamperla, 1997, PM 10'5" diameter, 16' height; 18' fence to fence 20 swings, 1 child per swing

United States $15,000.00 USD

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Children's Carousel

Children's Carousel

Czech Republic - Euro's0.01 Euro's 17 w, 1 d    

RIDE „Jetforce“ Very interesting price - Selling only due to illness case manufacturer: MONDIAL (NL) building year: 2007 dimensions: 19 x 9,5 x 14 (flight 22m) (width, height, depth) capacity: 16 persons all further informations and price gladly to request !

germany - Euro's0.01 Euro's 17 w, 1 d    
Roller Coaster Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster for sale, 2 years old, operation sizes 30x20m, transport sizes length 12.5 m, height 3.8 m, width 2.55m, motors 44Kw( 4motors each motor has 11kw), 6carts for 24person, all is in one semi-trailer, perfect condition, price and more info on e-mail czechrides@gmail.com or tel. 00420730941692 or 00420736666249, I speak English, Russian and Polish.

Czech Republic 1 Euro's1.01 Euro's 10 w, 1 d    

WANTED!!! reverse bungee with compleet construction manuel please sent picture and price to extremerides@gmail.com also picture from the trailer.

netherlands 1 Euro's1.01 Euro's 1 w, 2 d    
old italian ride old italian ride

this is an old Italian ride build around 1850 in the town of Mondovi. It had 14 subject all in wood with two gondola. It had also 12 paintings and a decoration with cloth with some decoration in glass sea beads. The amusements has the subjects around the Italian Risorgimento as you can see from the wood subject you can see the figure of Italy ( the queen with the crown made as of the towers, then the carnival mask of Gianuia. From the picture you can see Italy that is asking the king Vittorio to be free from Austrians and Burbons. The amusement was build around 1850 and had been working at it's beginning in the king's garden and by this it had taken the name " la giostra du re" the means the king's amusement. Its' all in wood as maybe at the beginning it was pulled by donkey and at the beginning of 1900 it was modify making it moving with a motor pulley. It had a diameter of 9 mt and all the subject are hanged up and the look as a gondola where people sit one in the top near the subject and the other on the tail of it

Italy - Euro's80.00 Euro's 25 w, 5 d    
Energy Scat Energy Scat

Energy Scat fo sale 1 trailer transport 24 passengers set up time 1,5 hour; 3 persons

Slovakia - Euro's35,000.00 Euro's 11 w, 1 d    
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