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used amusement rides and carnival rides for sale

New and used funfair carnival and amusement park rides for sale.

buy or sell any type of used fairground ride with a free ad and zero commission.

fairground rides for sale including fun slides, carousels, fun houses, ferris wheels, flat rides, waltzers, sizzlers, bumper cars and more! If you are looking for any type of ride you will find it here

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Kontiki MJ1472 Kontiki MJ1472

Kontiki, Zierer, 2004, park model Seats 24 or 8 adults and 12 children

United States $45,000.00 USD    
Street Fighter SP1324 Street Fighter SP1324

Street Fighter, Technical Park, 2004, Trailer Mounted

United States $415,000.00 USD    
Sky Wheel WH1247 Sky Wheel WH1247

Sky Wheel, trailer mounted, 1967 - completely redone in 2010, sandblasted, repainted, gear boxes rebuilt, all lights work.

United States $145,000.00 USD    
Rockwall - 4 Climber Spectrum Drop A Rock Rockwall - 4 Climber Spectrum Drop A Rock

This a really nice Mobile 4 climber Rockwall made by Spectrum Sports, one of the worlds leading producers of mobile rockwalls. This Rockwall has new cables less than one year old. It features auto belays which means it can be operated with 1 - 2 operators instead of four. All the belays have been checked and are working perfectly. The trailer wiring has been re-done and is in perfect working order. The wall has a four button system that is used for racing and is in working order with a very loud siren. The best feature on this wall is a new SOLAR system to recharge the battery so you never need to hook jumper cables to the battery raise and lower the wall. The tiress and rims were replaced about a year ago. Clean trailer title and is ready to make you money.

United States $14,000.00 USD    
Experience SP1318 Experience SP1318

Experience, manufactured by KMG

United States $395,000.00 USD    
Children's Carousel CA1301 Children's Carousel CA1301

Children's Carousel Park Model

United States $45,000.00 USD    
Flipper SP1319 Flipper SP1319

Huss Flipper, trailer model

United States $400,000.00 USD    
Majestic 2700 Scooter BC1316 Majestic 2700 Scooter BC1316

Majestic 2700 Scooter Bumper Cars, 24 vehicles

United States $199,000.00 USD    
Dragon Coaster RC1333 Dragon Coaster RC1333

Dragon Coaster, Zamperla, 1998, used indoors only

United States $120,000.00 USD    
Samba Tower MJ1460 Samba Tower MJ1460

Samba Tower, 25', Zamperla, used indoors only

United States $75,000.00 USD    
Crazy Bus MJ1461 Crazy Bus MJ1461

Crazy Bus, Zamperla, 1998, used indoors only

United States $75,000.00 USD    
Chance Carousel CA1300 Chance Carousel CA1300

Chance Carousel, used indoors only

United States $130,000.00 USD    
Hurricane MJ1462 Hurricane MJ1462

Hurricane, TM

United States $130,000.00 USD    
Bumper Cars BC1315 Bumper Cars BC1315

Bumper Cars - RDC, 16 cars, 36' x 48' floor

United States $55,000.00 USD    
Cobra Coaster RC1335 Cobra Coaster RC1335

Cobra Coaster, manufactured by Wisdom

United States $180,000.00 USD    

NEW fun interactive Super -Dig mini digger for children. Super-Dig mini digger is a " grown-up digger" for children. A mini digger means play activity and will quickly become the natural center of thing among visiting children. Super-Dig is easy to operate,safe,sturdy and very reliable. Super-Dig is already on hand in several countries, Playgrounds, hotels, amusement parks, camping sites, family entertainment centers, resorts, farm parks and tourist areas all find joy in our sturdy super-dig interactive mini digger. for more information contact eurotechamusement@hotmail.no

Norway Euro's0.00 Euro's  
THE SAFARI TRAIN ( trackless train ) THE SAFARI TRAIN ( trackless train )

REDUCED FROM 14,500. This is a unique one of kind trackless train featuring amazing looking zoo animals. A great money maker offering children's rides at malls, parties, festivals, farmers markets etc. Good location should make min 2000 per month.+ plus parties This train is only 3 months old and is presently working at three locations. In CA . Im selling this train in order to build 2 more trains for other locations. THIS IS A GREAT PRICE!!! Other mall trains cost like 40,000 and are NOT unique. My Safari Train is a one of kind and ALSO COMES WITH 9 MONTHS FULL INSURANCE COVERAGE!!!!! this is a great deal..................

United States $12,000.00 USD    
Rope Course MJ1400 Rope Course MJ1400

Rope Course, manufactured by Sky Trails, 6 pole system, 21 harnesses. Drawings available with system. Used indoors.

United States $65,000.00 USD    
Dragon Ride KD1392 Dragon Ride KD1392

Dragon Ride, new hydraulic system 2012, center bushings remade 2011. LED Lights.

United States $28,500.00 USD    
Ejection Seat SP1316 Ejection Seat SP1316

Ejection Seat, Gravity Works, 1998, Portable Model 120' tower height, requires 100' x 40' space

United States $45,000.00 USD    

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