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used amusement rides and carnival rides for sale

New and used funfair carnival and amusement park rides for sale.

buy or sell any type of used fairground ride with a free ad and zero commission.

fairground rides for sale including fun slides, carousels, fun houses, ferris wheels, flat rides, waltzers, sizzlers, bumper cars and more! If you are looking for any type of ride you will find it here

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country Price Store
Mini Jet KD1432 Mini Jet KD1432

Mini Jet, Zamperla, 12 seats, park model

United States $55,000.00 USD    
Barnstormer MJ1478 Barnstormer MJ1478

Barnstormer, Zamperla, 20 seats, park model

United States $120,000.00 USD    
Western Wheel WH1257 Western Wheel WH1257

Western Wheel, Zamperla, 24 seats, park model

United States $45,000.00 USD    
Samba Balloon MJ1477 Samba Balloon MJ1477

Samba Balloon, Park Model, Zamperla 32 seats

United States $93,000.00 USD    
Motion Simulator Ride MS1325 Motion Simulator Ride MS1325

Motion Simulator Theater Ride, 1996, Iwerks PACKAGE IS FOR CONTROL SYSTEM AND SEATS ONLY. THERE IS NO PROJECTION SYSTEM INCLUDED IN THE SALE OF THIS PACKAGE. 25 vehicle seats, 4 passengers, total capacity 100

United States $125,000.00 USD    
Scrambler MJ1319 Scrambler MJ1319

1980, trailer mounted

United States $90,000.00 USD    
Spinning Mouse Coaster

Mnaufacturer: Fabbri Model: TM Condition: Very Good Price: Call!

United States $0.00 USD    
Safari Convoy Ride Safari Convoy Ride

Manufacturer: SBF/Visa Year: 1999 Cars: 6 galvanized Cars Price: $72,500

United States $72,500.00 USD    
Barbizon Dark Ride Cars and Track

7 cars complete, 3 additional cars for spare parts. Approximately 150 meters of track.

United States $30,000.00 USD    
Looking For Mini-Himalaya Looking For Mini-Himalaya

We are looking for a Mini Himalaya - Park Model or Trailer Mounted If you have a Mini Himalaya or other kid rides available for sale, please contact us

United States $0.00 USD    
Mini Ferris Wheel (holds 8)

We have a 4 cart Ferris Wheel that holds up to 8 kids it runs perfect. If you have any questions email me. Thanks!

United States $2,500.00 USD  
speedway racer speedway racer

SPEEDWAY RACER For sale Info and details 8 cars 2 seats each = 16 person 800 pph When open size 11m long x 7m deep x 6 m high Size for transport 2.5m wide x 7 m long x 3.8m high Tri axel with air brakes gtw 4500 kg Full hydraulic build up and pull down Construction time 2 men x 45 mins Fully galvanized and powder coated construction All aluminum flooring Polycarbonate infill hand rails 6 kva power requirements 3 ph inverter drive with timer and remote lead Large headboard with lighting all round Large top sign with lighting all round 4. themed lighting poles with flood lighting Themed and painted to your choice Fully themed center with fiberglass figures and extras accessory’s LED lighting and stainless steel hand rail options available Reeves amusement rides ltd Glasgow info@reevesamusementrides.com call Clayton reeves 0796 796 3883

united kingdom $0.00 USD    
Cobra Cobra

An opportunity to buy a fully working carousel to a really low price. The ride is in working condition but, need of some new paint. It is a portable model.

Sweden $14,990.00 USD  
Crazy Dance Crazy Dance

Kiddy ride in good condition, function as an mini Hully Gully.

Sweden Euro's24,900.00 Euro's  
Storm Storm

Great fully working ride, portable model. Everything is loaded on to a single wagon.

Sweden Euro's21,490.00 Euro's  
Apollo 3000 Apollo 3000

Great ride in working condition. Portable model.

Sweden $24,990.00 USD  
Waltzer Waltzer

Family ride for everyone. Portable model.

Sweden Euro's59,000.00 Euro's  
Convoy race Convoy race

Childrens ride in good condition, fully portable.

Sweden Euro's20,490.00 Euro's  
Spring Ride MJ1385 Spring Ride MJ1385

Spring Ride, 2004, park model, manufactured by Moser's Rides PRICE REDUCED - NOW $57,000.00 USD

United States $65,000.00 USD    
Sea Ray MJ1388 Sea Ray MJ1388

Sea Ray, Mulligan, 1986, trailer mounted, pump rebuilt 2010

United States $150,000.00 USD    

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