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used amusement rides and carnival rides for sale

New and used funfair carnival and amusement park rides for sale.

buy or sell any type of used fairground ride with a free ad and zero commission.

fairground rides for sale including fun slides, carousels, fun houses, ferris wheels, flat rides, waltzers, sizzlers, bumper cars and more! If you are looking for any type of ride you will find it here

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Ferris wheel

12 to 18 passenger Ferris wheel. Excellent condition strong motor and stops well.

United States $10,000.00 USD    
convoy convoy

Park model year 2002 In good condition. available end of season. for information please contact R P Attractions group rpattractions@hotmail.com

united kingdom GBP0.00 GBP
New Wattman Mini Express Train New Wattman Mini Express Train

Purchase a new Wattman Classic Edition Mini Express Train before July 31, 2014 and get a $5,000CAD discount. Features include Wattman's exclusive Anti-Collision System which detects objects or people and automatically stops the train, Wheels in Motion, Sound in Motion and more. Seats up to 24 children or 18 adults and children. Wattman trains can be used indoors or outdoors and provide 20 hours of continuous service on a single charge. Contact us for more information.

United States $0.00 CAD
Barrels of Fun / Monkey Mayhem KD1428 Barrels of Fun / Monkey Mayhem KD1428

Barrels of Fun/Monkey Mayhem, park model kid's ride, 1998, good condition

United States $10,000.00 USD
Merry Go Round CA1302 Merry Go Round CA1302

Merry Go Round, 30' diameter, trailer mounted center, horses, etc. move in 28' pup trailer, manufactured by Theel. Horses were painted 2014.

United States $50,000.00 USD
Wanted - Children's & Family Rides Wanted - Children's & Family Rides

We have customers looking for used trailer mounted and park model children's and family rides in good condition - including ferris wheels, trains, Red Baron. If you have rides to sell, please email us!

United States $0.00 USD
Mad Mouse Roller Coaster RC1304 Mad Mouse Roller Coaster RC1304

Mad Mouse Coaster, Arrow, park model, 1998, dismantled and on the ground, 1257' track, 143' (l) x 76' (w) x 58' (h). Seats 40 (10 per car). *********PRICE REDUCED******** $250,000USD (firm) + loading + shipping

United States $250,000.00 USD
Ring of Fire SP1292 Ring of Fire SP1292

Ring of Fire, Larson, TM Ride rebuilt June, 2013 including new inertia rings, refurbished trains, new erection supports, new landing legs, new cross brace for back of trailer, new track supports, actuators, NDT main hinge pin and rail spacers. New lighting.

United States $275,000.00 USD
Dodgem sale Dodgem sale

Three month it was used only every year. It was spared It is very novel Track size: 14x28m All size: 32x16m Manufactures: 2009 Immediately takeaway Roadway 28m x 13,6m + platform 32m x 15,5m , trailer 14m x 2,7m x 4m , weight 40 tons, power 80A of energy for lightening system and cars, double frontage on 3 sides, with light in the platform, is in top condition. To build up the ride you need 4 people and approximately 6 hours.

Hungary Euro's90,000.00 Euro's  
Children's Leisure Entertainment Business Opportunity Children's Leisure Entertainment Business Opportunity

Are you looking for a business that you can run from home? * Full or part time * Fully Mobile * No ongoing fees * No fixed overheads You've just found it! This is an exciting opportunity to run your own business, full or part time, in the lucrative children's birthday and entertainment market using Pacer electric Cub and or Panther karts. Pacer Leisure Vehicles International Ltd have manufactured and sold the renowned Cub electric karts worldwide for more than 23 years. The Cub karts are extremely safe and has been designed for children age 3 to 10 and we now proudly present the Panther electric karts for children 3 to 11. Pacer Cub and Panther electric karts are extremely safe. The business canbe operated full or part time and is fully mobile or can be run on a permanent site. Both Cub and Panther run within the safety of an inflatable circuit, which only takes a matter of seconds to inflate. Virtually no noise and no pollution, Cub and Panther can be be operated indoors as well as outdoors and will run on many surfaces including grass, shingle and tarmac and do not mark polished floors. Cub and Panther can be used almost anywhere at birthday parties, shopping centres, fetes and fairs, holiday camps, leisure centres, school playgrounds, car parks, sports grounds and corporate functions just to name a few. Revenue can be earned all year round. Typical earnings in the UK at birthday parties start from £150 per hour up to £250+. Pay per drive events are charges per ride and are charged between £2 - £5 per kart per child. Corporate functions are usually £400+ per half day. Standard business packages start from £9,999.00 + VAT, which consists of 4 x Pacer karts, batteries, chargers, Owners manual and 12 month Test certificate. All Pacer karts are EC directives certified. Finance and insurance details are available. Secure your financial future and have fun doing it! Each Pacer business package includes a test certificate and owners manual. Pacer karts are easily maintained and do not need specialized knowledge. Full training, business information and ongoing support and back up will be provided Please visit our website on www.pacerleisure.com for more information or contact us on +44 (0)1494 484664 for a free brochure pack. Overseas Master Licenses (Sole Distributorship) are also available. The children's desire to drive and the parents' willingness to pay for their child's enjoyment, makes this a winning combination and a pleasure for all concerned. The potential for this unique business is enormous!

united kingdom GBP0.00 GBP  
Working Maxflight VR2002 Roller Coaster Simulator Working Maxflight VR2002 Roller Coaster Simulator

Working Maxflight VR2002 Roller Coaster Simulator for sale. Simulator model has 2 - 360 degree axis. simulator rotates in a full circle left to right and front to back. Unit is set up and working right now you can come ride it before you buy it. I attached a video of the machine running it was recorded on a cell phone so the quality ins't great. Machine runs on a Hydraulics system and requires 1 - 120v line and 1- 3phase line. I have a custom dolly used to move and install the machine that will be included with the sell.Item also includes surround fence and warning and rule signs. Machine has some wear and tear buyer must handle or arrange for disassembling and moving the item but i can give some insight of how to do so. Machine is located in Opelousas LA. Would prefer cash payment when machine is picked up. Sold as is where is tested and approved by the buyer. Asking $10,000.00 OBO Contact me for any further information - Nolan 337-323-9814

United States $10,000.00 USD  
play trailer play trailer

double deck activity trailer 16ft. all covered in with front opening up.

Ireland Euro's5,500.00 Euro's  
Wanted Waltzer

Please contact me if available by email please

united kingdom $0.00 USD    
Scrambler Cycloid MJ1464 Scrambler Cycloid MJ1464

Scrambler Cycloid, 1997, Eli 24 seats, 2 each - total capacity 48

United States $125,000.00 USD
Chaos SP1296 Chaos SP1296

Chaos manufactured by Chance Rides Park Model, 1996 Dismantled and ready to ship; video available of ride operating prior to dismantle.

United States $35,000.00 USD
Bumper Cars BC1311 Bumper Cars BC1311

Bumper Cars, Fun Attractions, 6 battery operated cars, 35' x 35' inflatable track area, racked in 12' trailer wired to charge batteries. Can be used indoors or outdoors. OFF THE MARKET FOR SEASON - AVAILABLE NOVEMBER, 2014

United States $30,000.00 USD
Miler Coaster RC1337 Miler Coaster RC1337

Miler Coaster, trailer mounted, 1970's model

United States $32,500.00 USD
Hurricane MJ1462 Hurricane MJ1462

Hurricane, TM

United States $130,000.00 USD
Crazy Bus MJ1461 Crazy Bus MJ1461

Crazy Bus, Zamperla, 1998, used indoors only

United States $75,000.00 USD
Samba Tower MJ1460 Samba Tower MJ1460

Samba Tower, 25', Zamperla, used indoors only

United States $75,000.00 USD

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