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Free list of all types of used fairground children kiddie rides for sale. Buy or sell carnival kiddies rides with free classifieds ads.

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country Price Store
Mini Jet Mini Jet

12 arm all with different planes, can go up and down seperately. 10 x 12 m. All mounted on center trailer, 7m. With ticket box We are also interested in trading with a smaller kiddie ride

Denmark Euro's40,000.00 Euro's    

New kiddy jet rides for sale. trailer mounted and park models made to order. for price and details please email rpattractions@hotmail.com

united kingdom $0.00 USD

NEW MINI SWING KIDS RIDE This ride is available in different themes Trailer mounted and park models available mini swing Pirate mini swing pegasus mini swing safari mini swing space ship mini swing crazy dragon For details and info please email rpattractions@hotmail.com

united kingdom $0.00 USD

Classifieds in kiddie rides



country Price Store
Scalextric Scalextric

KR032 - Scalextric Constructor: ROYO Year: 1992 Dimension: 14m x 7,5m *not trailer mounted all in 1 trailer

netherlands Euro's0.00 Euro's
Carousel / Lagunare Carousel / Lagunare

KR054 - Lagunare “Capitain Hook” All on one trailer Made in The Netherlands size: 12m x 9m Good Conditions

netherlands Euro's0.00 Euro's  
Carrousel manege Carrousel manege

Carrousel manege mady by Kolmax-plus company IN TOP GEAR !!! Four month old !!! Set up time 15 min.

Czech Republic $0.00 USD    
Cogan Baby Train Cogan Baby Train

Cogan Baby Train - Coin Op NEW ! Locomotive and 2 Coaches 5 mt x 3 mt oval track Options: remote control operation, 8 mt x 3 mt track

United States $13,500.00 USD
Dragon Ride KD1392 Dragon Ride KD1392

Dragon Ride, new hydraulic system 2012, center bushings remade 2011. LED Lights.

United States $28,500.00 USD
Truckstop/Cartoon Racer KD1321 Truckstop/Cartoon Racer KD1321

Truckstop/Cartoon Racer, Sartori, 1998, TM 35' w x 21' d 16 seats, 400 pph 30kw PRICE REDUCED TO $22,500 USD!

United States $22,500.00 USD
Go Gator RC1307 Go Gator RC1307

1983 Wisdom Go Gator, TM

United States $40,000.00 USD
Trucks - Train Trucks - Train

Trucks LED bulbs One trailer Czech republic

Czech Republic Euro's12,000.00 Euro's  
Little Swings KD1291 Little Swings KD1291

1996 TM REDUCED TO $30,000 !

United States $34,500.00 USD
Old Western Train KD1292 Old Western Train KD1292

SBF REDUCED - $16,000 !!

United States $19,000.00 USD
Barrels of Fun KD1332 Barrels of Fun KD1332

Barrels of Fun, Park Model Pictures available on request - could not upload to site REDUCED TO $15,000.00 US

United States $18,000.00 USD

Demountable TOY SET - lot of Autopède figures - 60 seats - immediate available - complete with tow-bar trailer for transport. Further info: Bertus FLIKKEMA - +31 654-305560 - info@romyrides.com

netherlands $0.00 USD    
Wanted - Kid's Coaster & Rides Wanted - Kid's Coaster & Rides

We have customers looking for children's rides ! Trailer-mounted and park models If you have rides for sale, please email us!

United States $0.00 USD
Children's carousel AMAZING VALUE Children's carousel AMAZING VALUE

Luna-Park Manufacture and Sale of Quality Amusement Rides presents: Children's Carousel Bestseller !order now the new construction! available in stock This ride will be available for sale during IAAPA Attraction Show in Orlando, FL capacity: 30 persons incredibly easy and quick assembly&disassembly (<30min) remote control operation impressive lighting and decoration All meet the requirements of EN13814 TUV certificate on demand Highest quality with competitive price. video: http://youtu.be/wNjeWF6-lVo mobile: (+48) 508 255 123 email: izabela.zamojska@gmail.com Visit our booth #4483 during IAAPA Attractions Expo Nov17-21,2014 Orlando, FL

Poland $0.00 USD  
Mini Jet KD1399 Mini Jet KD1399

Zamperla Mini Jet, 1987, trailer-mounted, 12 arms, 10x12 mt, completely renovated in 2000

United States Euro's48,000.00 Euro's
Mini Jet KD1398 Mini Jet KD1398

Barbieri Italy, 1997, trailer-mounted, 6 arms, 7mt. diameter

United States Euro's18,500.00 Euro's
Bumble Bees KD1354 Bumble Bees KD1354

Bumble Bees, Allan Herschell center, Park Model

United States $42,000.00 USD
Submarine Ride KD1360 Submarine Ride KD1360

Submarine Ride, Allan Herschell tank, Hampton umbrella top, Park Model

United States $19,000.00 USD
Kid Swing Ride KD1358 Kid Swing Ride KD1358

Kid Swing Ride, Sopark, Park Model

United States $23,000.00 USD
Ladybug Ride KD1357 Ladybug Ride KD1357

Ladybug Ride, Eyerly, Park Model

United States $15,000.00 USD

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