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Animal coin operated bumper cars

Manufactured by BLASH imports in 1959 car battery operated 3 feet long by 2 ft wide weight with out battery is 100 lbs per car. Very unique cars mad in USA fiberglass body on steel frame .bears elephants pigs and hippos 12 avalible asking $550 each or 5,000 for set all still work

United States $5,000.00 USD  
animal bumper cars coun operated

Car battery operated .made in USA owner's manual states manufactured in 1959 called " GROOVY CARs" by BLASH imports They are in need of TLC fiberglass animal body on steel frame coin deposit beneath steering wheel unique and rare. Animals are bears elephant pig and hippo They are all in working condition .but it's hard to find a rubber number to replace the original. There are 12 avalible asking $550 each or $5400 for set

United States $5,400.00 USD  
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