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Interactive Gaming Tactical Laser Tag

e your own boss. Can be Mobile or at a permanent location. Almost everything you need for your own tactical combat business, or to add on to your paintball / family entertainment business.  RFID tactical laser tag combat system allows you to customize games to emulate popular video games like Call of Duty. More than $40,000 worth of like-new tactical laser tag equipment from iCombat plus additional items for use with the equipment. Includes ten (10) iCombat M4-mock guns RFID tagged receivers -- 20 headbands and 10 bandoleers 30 smart magazines 1 command control module 2 respawn pods four (4) self-contained "barracuda" laser tag game guns for youths computer big screen TV for scoring RFID Reader and Antennas Additional supplies and equipment. Lighting and a fog machine Portable structures for setting up playing area. Plus additional items. Contact for a complete list.

$11,500.00 USD  
Lost Love Spell Return lost lover +27836522787

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$0.00 USD    
Inflatable Laser Tag Arena and Equipment

Excellent Condition Inflatable Laser Tag Arena 30 x #0 with 2 blowers and Laser Runner 6 Laser tag Vests and Guns with the Laser tag console Equipment Complete Laser Tag arena and Console with Vests and Guns ready to go

$7,500.00 USD    
Laser Tag vests/phasers

22 vests/phases, 5 back up vests, fully paid off laser tag system, 2 bases, 3 sentry pods, a party room that would need tables and a computer with printer also a square set up just needs tablet. 10 new phaser boards, 8 boards where put into phasers now just gotta send the 8 vests/phasers out to company so they can get sinked with the vests. Arena is already set up with ithaca mall so if bought by Aug.1st the buyer can sign a year lease and start booking parties asap for Aug. Right now we run no arcades witch makes us 80k a yr but with arcades its 120k a yr. Contact me for more info

$16,000.00 USD    
Laser Tag Equipment

14 vest/phases ready and working, 8 vest/phases need to be sent out to laser runners to be calibrated plus 5 vests that need phases. I do also have an arena already set up but to get the arena a offer must be accepted by Aug.1st or the arena will be taken apart. Also there will be 10 brand new phaser boards that was already repaired and there is also a box of spare parts for the phasers. The arena software is paid off so it won't cost anything to add more playing time so all together there is 27 vest, 22 phasers, 2 home bases, 3 sentry pods, 1 entrance and 4 tables. I am willing to talk about the price

$35,000.00 USD  

Complete Family entertainment center business for sale. Arcades, Bounce house, Inflatables. Mini Golf, Laser Tag , Kiddie Rides, Kitchen Equipment, Counter , Redemption counter, Tables and chairs

$50,000.00 USD    

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