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Jungle Theme 3 Tier Soft Play Scape Jungle Theme 3 Tier Soft Play Scape

Soft Structure Play Unit are still the number one anchor attraction that continues to generate Birthday Party sales at Family Entertainment Centers across the nation! Birthday Parties are BIG BUSINESS...often producing as much as 33% of an FEC's total income. This structure is used, only 7 years old. It has been maintained and cleaned regularly. The soft contained playground has been called many by many strange names over the years: climb unit, tube unit, web unit, play maze, softplayunits, playsoft, playmaze, jungle gym, softcontainedplayground, web climb tube, kids soft play, kids play company, playsoft playground, softcontainedplay, play for kids, junglegym, kiddie play design, kids play party units and, one of the strangest..... metro designs kids play! Call it what you will....One thing is for sure: kids love to play on Soft Play Units! Soft modular play is still the best attraction for the FEC and CEC Birthday Party demographic of 3 - 10 years old. Play Units provide the highest use per square foot in terms of capacity and soft contained modular play has proven to be one of the safest and long lasting attractions available. An indoor playground also provides the basis for an admission charge for walk-in business - another strong profit generator. Buyer is responsible for shipping.

United States $20,000.00 USD    

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