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ABS High Density Plastic lockers coin operated PL-104

• Quantity 720 x locker compartments or 180 x vertical rows of four, colours Blue, Yellow, Red and Green. 180 x lockers of each colour.
• Excellent condition, all coin mechanisms operating, all coin locks have keys and Master Keyed.
• Coin mechanisms at present set to Singapore, but can be adjusted to except any local coins or tokens.
• Available flat packed for easy transportation or shipping or assembled.
• Manufactured from original ABS high density plastic (not re-cycled)
• Suitable for Water-parks, Aquatic Centres, Them-parks.
• Must be sold as one sale unit, available from the 1st November 2016
• Available Ex-Singapore US$21,520 + GST if sold with-in Singapore.
• Transportation/shipping or taxes is the responsibility of the purchaser.