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2008 LaZer Runner "Battle Station" Ready to Sell!! 2008 LaZer Runner "Battle Station" Ready to Sell!!

Model: Battle Station Manufacturer: LaZer Runner, Inc. Year: 2008 # of Owners: 1 Original Purchased: New Arena: 3,300 sq. ft. Obstacles # of Guns: 8 - Factory Refurbished OR a Complete Upgrade to 15 New from the Factory for $499 per Vest Call Today to Submit Your Offer: (715) 566-4817 Memo: Optional Updates Available for this Unit Vesting and Briefing Room Interior Obstacle and Lighting Package Interactive Sentry Pods and Home Base Stations Battle Vests Gen3 LED Phasers LRCPU - Command Center and Game Software Touchscreen Technology Score Tracker LaZer Runner Scorecards and Performance Tracker Li-ION Charging Module Lazer Runner Archway: The most recognizable icon in the laser tag world, the LaZer Runner Arch Entryway is the signature piece from the Battle Station package. It is like a glowing portal leading the taggers into the black-light battle commanding the attention of crowds. ABOUT THE MODEL: The Battle Station includes all the obstacles, barriers and comes fully equipped with strobes, sound system, sentry pods, sirens, and a fog machine that which create an adrenaline pumping, exciting atmosphere to keep your guests coming back again and again. ABOUT THE MANUFACTURER: LaZer Runner, Inc. had recruited four of the best, most knowledgeable engineers in the industry to design the Lazer Runner system, sparing no expense in the research and development. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were put into the research and quality control ensuring that you’ll have equipment working that is as reliable as a laser tag system can be. The equipment is designed to be user-friendly, expandable, durable, reliable, trouble-free and most of all - profitable.

$24,900.00 USD
38 Vest Lazer Runner System and 2 Arenas 38 Vest Lazer Runner System and 2 Arenas

We have a 38 vest lazer runner system for sale. What you get: * 38 vests (combination of different colors, and battery types), but used together for years. * 5000 sq. ft. arena obstacles and 2 home bases (red/white/green) * 1 inflatable arena (great for offsite events/advertising and home based rentals) * 1 windows version of the system * 1 dos version of the system (with its own RF station) used for inflatable * 2 start remotes * 4 vest chargers * 2 arena lasers * 1 fog machine * 2 stereo systems (1 for travel arena) * 1 scoreboard tv * Miscellaneous parts

$40,000.00 USD    

Up for sale is a complete Laser Tag system made by Zone Lazer Tag. This was purchased new in 2010, and still under the warranty with the manufacturer. I have 12 +1 back up functioning vests as well. You can easily create a 1,500 sq. foot arena with all the pieces I have. This unit is located in Hamilton NJ, Included in this sale is: 12 + 1 functioning vests vest wall hangers 12 charging units 1 computer to run the laser tag 1 monitor for the computer 12 charging cords 2 signs with rules enough pieces to make a 1,500+ sq. foot arena Paid $48,000 System + 12,000 Arena Asking price :$29,000 for both or best offer!

$29,000.00 USD    
Laser tag guns

New in box. Adventure sports raptors. 3 colors Blue, Red, and Black for different teams 7 of each color $500 each. Half price of new. Central Florida - you can also arrange shipping of need be Price is firm. No other offers

$10,500.00 USD  
Laser Tag Pistols Laser Tag Pistols

8 laser tag pistols available These laser tag pistols are in great condition and are ready for commercial use! With both indoor and outdoor capabilities these pistols have tons of features! We have refurbished these taggers with new batteries, paint and switches! Here are the advantages of these commercial taggers. Highlights of the HT9: 50 Different sound effects, Sci-Fi to real gun blasts, you can add you own as well! Multiple Gaming options: Friendly Fire, Rate of Fire, Limited Ammo and so much more! 300 Feet Effective Daylight Range. 25mm Lens. Big functionality in a small unit. Lithium Polymer Battery. Less than 2 Pounds. INCLUDES HEADSET & SENSORS(3)! Due to compact size the HT-9 does not have a sensor in the gun. Clam Shell Design. Superior Craftsmanship (Machined Aluminum). Name Brand rubber grips add to the assimilation of the real thing. Includes the battery charger!

$500.00 USD    

Manufacturer: Rift System | 12-Player | Complete Lazer System and Arena | Location: Illinois

$23,900.00 USD

Purchased New for Location that has recently closed | FOB: Texas Please call today for more information

$14,995.00 USD
Lazer Tag System + Arena Lazer Tag System + Arena

We have a 27 vest lazer runner system for sale. What you get: * 27 vests (combination of different colors, and battery types) * 5000 sq. ft. arena obstacles and 2 home bases (red/white/green plus some custom) * 1 windows version of the system * 1 start remotes * 3 vest chargers * 2 arena lasers * 1 fog machine * 1 stereo system * 1 scoreboard tv * Miscellaneous parts

$30,000.00 USD    
Nexus Generations Complete LASER TAG System!!! Nexus Generations Complete LASER TAG System!!!

We just received a super nice laser tag system from one of our customers and are looking for prospective buyers and interested bidders. This is not a small system and it does come complete. There are 48 vests and weapons but we believe approximately 40 of them are complete and functional. These come with charge racks to accommodate 48 units. In addition to the above, this system comes with all the software needed on a desktop computer as well as a 37" monitor/tv and 3 smaller lcd monitors. Also included are a couple of rules signs and what appears to be all necessary cabling and junction boxes. This is a commercial grade "Nexus" FEC system and would be great for someone looking to start a business or add to their existing entertainment business. Additional info can be found here; http://www.nexuslasertag.com/nexusfec/games This system sells new for around 100K. We are asking $38,000 but best reasonable offers will be considered. Offers may include partial trades etc. All will be considered and please know you are getting a setup that is ready to start earning you $$$$$$$$$ now. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for taking a look.

$38,000.00 USD  

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