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Mode Fashion Quizzes (COJ240962)

Take these fun fashion quizzes to find out if you have got style! Share The Seventeen Style Stars made a major fashion impact this year, (http://seventeen.com)

Pakistan $200.00 USD    
Game Show Mania Game Show Mania

This used Game Show Mania is brought to you by Amusement Supply Company. This unit is in really nice condition and fully functional. This Game Show is located in Prospect KY at the Amusement Supply Company warehouse. For more information contact Geoff Schutz at 502-228-4595. Game Show Mania This is one of our most popular extras and a big hit with almost any crowd. Game Show Mania is a fun interactive game just like on TV! It's the "Ultimate Trivial Experience"; We Provide everything except the contestants! Our high tech game show entertainment system has everything from zany sound effects, real digital scoring, and a lighting fast lock out system (first person to hit the button guesses the answer) We host the game with thousands of trivia questions and sounds clips or we can customize the game with your questions. This is a great icebreaker and will become the hit of the party everyone will be talking about. This can also be booked separate as a GAME SHOW NIGHT. Also can be used at any event from: Bars and Nightclubs, Youth Groups, Corporate Events, Parties and Reunions, etc.

United States $2,700.00 USD
Micro Reality Stock Car Racing Micro Reality Stock Car Racing

A completely refurbished generation 1 Micro Reality racing system. 18 Track Pieces with 18 outer walls 1 Inner Wall 1 Carpet piece for inside the track 1 Outer Track Vinyl Wrap 6 Driving Stations (3 original nearly unused transmitter guns) 2 5 foot tables with vinyl wraps 6 Micro Reality Race Cars (3 new speed controllers) 6 Battery Chargers 25 Battery Packs (2 new) 1 Maintenance Stand 3 Tool Boxes with RC tools and several extra RC parts. 1 Large cart for moving track pieces 2 Stools 2 Crowd control stands 4 Station carts Misc. signage and decorations, parts, car shells, chassis... Too many to mention. The track was newly repaird and painted in 2013. 20 x 30 foot track This is a very nice track that will make the buyer money. I have put a great deal of time into making this generation 1 track very nice. Please talk to me about the 2013 book of business of business you will recieve with this purchase. Midwest Location

none $8,000.00 USD    

NEW FOR 2014! Custom built for a ONE WEEKEND event, and ready for the road! Zombies are the hottest thing out there right now, and with this game, you use spring loaded toy guns to shoot and knock over 16 animated zombie targets as they try and attack you! Hollywood quality set design, and built to LAST! Includes, 16 animated zombie targets, 16 wall panels, custom lighting, surround sound system, 8 guns, approximately 1000 .50 cal rubber pellets, safety goggles, and signage to advertise game. Game is 10'x20' in size, and breaks down and sets up rather quickly. It's built to last, and can easily be converted to be set up inside of a trailer for permanent install. I charged $3 for 1 play or $5 for 2 plays. This was a custom piece, and the only one of it's kind, it's a $75,000 side attraction, at $35,000 it's a steal! Perfect for haunted attractions, haunted houses, carnivals, amusement parks or any unique event! Willing to finance, I believe in this game and it has done really well for me! I am willing to negotiate and work something out with you if you are interested and qualified.

United States $35,000.00 USD  

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